Voodoo Floss Bands

BFR (Blood flow restriction) Voodoo Compression Straps

Made popular by Dr Kelly Starrett as a mobility tool, there is growing evidence in the benefits of using the high tensile straps to decrease blood flow and compression. Here is what we know;

  • Studies show that exercise with occlusion of blood flow (BFR) can increase hormonal stimulation for anabolic effects. It appears the transient ischemia can increase reparative and recovery principles as well as muscular strength.
  • On a mechanoreceptive platform, the straps cause massive excitation of soft tissue receptors that increase pain inhibition, blood flow afterwards, and joint control.
  • The straps are so tight that it causes fascial, and soft tissue shearing during movement patterns for increased post treatment ranges.

Much more that we don’t know as most athletes describe continuing benefits after treatment so that’s why many athletes in Keller, Southlake, Trophy Club and all over DFW choose Dr. Chapman and the staff at Spine & Sports Rehab systems for this procedure.

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