Anti Gravity Treadmill

Dr. Chapman and the staff at Sports & Spine Rehab Systems utilize the Alter-G — a new treadmill technology that takes rehabilitation and training to a whole new level. The method behind the Alter-G’s technology is air pressure that has an anti-gravity effect. This reduces the user’s body weight, but still allows for full range of motion. Almost anyone can benefit from the effects of exercising at a reduced weight. Whether you are looking to increase your peak performance, recovering from an injury or surgery, or looking to build endurance and muscle mass, the Alter-G lets you work out with less stress on your joints.

The Alter-G can help you: 

  • Maintain or restore your normal walking or running motion
  • Reach peak performance in sports
  • Recover from injuries and surgeries, including knee or hip replacement surgery
  • Increase heart and muscle health
  • Build endurance while minimizing joint stress and pain if you are overweight
  • Improve balance and confidence if you have mobility issues

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from the Alter-G, we serve College, high school and recreation runners all over the Keller, Southlake, Trophy Club and all over DFW. Getting you back in the game sooner!

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