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  • Tim D. Chapman, DC
    Dr. Tim D. Chapman, DC

    As an Abilene Christian University Wildcats linebacker, Tim Chapman dealt with his share of injuries and became all too familiar with rehab from the patient’s point of view. After one of those injuries required surgery, he discovered the benefits of sports chiropractic to help in his recovery. That experience led him to choose a career in Chiropractic with an emphasis on sports performance and injury. “Everyone is an athlete at heart,” he said. “Whether you enjoy a jog around the block to begin your day or you’re a competitive marathon runner, there are things you want to do to become or stay healthy. When an injury has you on the sidelines, sports chiropractic can get you back in the game. It’s my job to find out what it is you love to do and get you back to doing it.”

    World class professional and Olympic athletes understand that sports chiropractic is also a proactive, drug-free way to maximize health and physical performance to head off potential injury. Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Brady, Evander Holyfield and others have endorsed sports chiropractic as a healthy, holistic way to gain the competitive edge in their chosen sport and keep them moving correctly.

    “But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to get the benefits of chiropractic care,” Dr. Chapman said. “Sports chiropractic care is for anyone who enjoys living a healthy and active lifestyle. Your body is made to move, sports chiropractic care helps make sure it’s moving right. When a patient comes to me with a sports-related injury, I’m able to help them go from a point of lack of function to resume, normal activity and often exceed what they thought they could do. It’s a very rewarding thing to do for a living.”

    Dr. Chapman sees patients from school-age through seniors. “I’ve worked a lot with ballet troops and competitive gymnasts, from very young through Olympians and NFL players,” he said. “My oldest patient is a competitive athlete in his 90s. But I also work with moms, dads and future moms-to-be. I’m able to help them adapt to their changing body, to make them more comfortable now and teach them things that will help them bounce back quicker, after the baby is born.”

    His practice in Florida included a dynamic strength and conditioning component. He worked as team chiropractor for University of Central Florida, and other colleges putting to use over 20 years as a certified strength and conditioning specialist and level 1 USA T&F certified coach. Now he brings that expertise to his Texas Sports & Spine practice where he also works with patients and their physicians to manage post-surgery rehabilitation.

    “Once surgery is done the real work begins,” He said. “We can work closely with your surgeon to get the most out of your post-surgical rehabilitation and to minimize your pain, during recovery.” State-of-the-art technology like AlterG® Antigravity Treadmill allow my patients to return to their workout, while they’re healing from knee replacement, stress fractures and any number of injuries. The machine allows patients to reduce the pull of gravity from 20% to 100%, so they can improve mobility and strength without pain or stress on injured joints and muscles.”
    “We can accelerate healing so you can get back to life.” Dr. Chapman facilitates a very high-energy practice. “Patients tell me they find it very comfortable and encouraging,” he said. “They tell me they feel better just walking in the door. I am lucky to be doing a job I love. I truly look forward to going to work every day.”

    When not on the job, Dr. Chapman enjoys playing outdoors with his four teenagers. “We’re a running family,” he said. “We enjoy working out together, camping and staying fit. There’s a huge blessing in doing work I love; work that provides me with the tools to impact lives. My advice to my own kids is to find something they love to do then do it the very best they can.” Dr. Chapman is now accepting new patients at his Texas Sports & Spine in Southlake.

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