Manual Therapy

Let’s face it, stretching is something that we all know we need to do but don’t make the time for. Poor flexibility can lead to impaired posture, muscle strains, chronic pain and many other pathologies.

This is why that in addition to traditional rehabilitation services, we also offer stretching packages consisting of 30-minute 1-on-1 sessions with one of our Doctors of Exercise Therapy. We implement many different types of stretching techniques including active, static, dynamic and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation). The type of stretching used will depend on many factors such as the desired outcome, the amount of prior or subsequent activity and presence of pathology. By combining some of these advanced techniques, we are able to utilize the nervous system to help improve both flexibility and mobility in the musculoskeletal system for much faster results than typical static stretching.

Take the hassle out of stretching and prevent serious injury by coming in for a stretching session!

We offer patient education in the following self mobilization tools:

  • Foam roller
  • Lacrosse ball 
  • Theracane
  • Orb ball 
  • Stretch strap
  • Resistance band 
  • Stick 
  • Voodoo bands
  • And more

Sports and Spine Rehab Systems

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